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Right. Don’t sound like it. (x)

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I really want these two just hanging out together all the time and constantly making regeneration jokes.

Prove to me that they’re not.

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By Crom! is my joke-a-panel autobiographical comic featuring life advice and spiritual guidance from Conan the Barbarian. It ran from January 2012 to May 2014, and is collected in two books, The Collected By Crom! and Full Colour Cromulence. You can read the archives on, and grab the books in print and in PDF.

By Crom! will be tabling with Weald Comics at TCAF, VanCAF, TAAFI and possibly FanExpo Toronto!

This is weirdly inspiring.

this is such a good comic

This is beautiful.

Ficlet: Per Your Request


“Barton, what the hell is this?”

“It’s what you requested, sir.”

“I did not request a video file sent to my phone.”

Clint grinned down at the cutting board. “Well, no, but this is just me being proactive. I was told to work on being proactive on my last quarterly review, why is Hill giving me quarterly reviews now, by the way?”

“It has something to do with a conflict of interest,” Phil said. He sounded like he was chewing nails. “In that Director Fury seems to think that me having to give you your reviews might interfere with our working relationship.”

“But doesn’t that define our working relationship?” Clint spun the knife on the flat of his hand, catching it neatly and stabbing downward with an efficient use of force. The potato never saw it coming. “You’re my boss. You boss me. Then you tell me how I fucked that up.”

“Then we go home and sleep together,” Phil pointed out.

“It’s the natural order of things,” Clint agreed, dicing the potato with a few flicks of his wrist. He considered double dicing, but that was probably a bit much, what with the phone call and all.

“As it turns out, SHIELD is not sure I’ll give you an honest quarterly review, because of the sleeping together part.”

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I saw this before and IT GOT BETTER.

I need one.

This is pretty much the best thing ever.

Usually I don’t reblog long posts but I live 2 minutes away from this house and one year for april fools day they put a “For Sale” sign in front of it and everyone freaked the fuck out

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such kind things to say to someone :”)

and I got…a little carried away. I will forever gravitate to Ten’s sonic screwdriver. and the purple shirt of sex. 

okay, onto the last one..


To my dear artistic, writerly, and wonderful followers,

Watch this video. Save it in your favorites. Keep it where you can always watch it, where you know you can find it.

This is Neil Gaiman’s famous ‘Make Good Art’ speech, the source of countless comics and infographics. It’s inspirational, funny, and straight from the heart.

Watch it, and keep it around.

It will save your art.

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CABIN PRESSURE and the Episode...
  • A: where there is smoke in the flight deck (probably)
  • B: where there is smoke in the loo (definitely)
  • C: where Arthur thinks the passenger is hot (and chaos ensues)
  • D: where Carolyn thinks the passengers aren't hot (and chaos ensues)
  • E: where the presence of a millionaire causes trouble
  • F: where the absence of a millionaire causes trouble
  • G: where the passenger and her bassoon must not be apart (also cheesecake)
  • H: where the passenger and her sister must not be together (also fishcake)
  • I: where they rescue a victim who was not actually in danger and cause two victims in the process
  • J: where they repair a plane that was not actually broken and cause a broken car in the process
  • K: where they hang around Fitton airfield for about a week (literally)
  • L: where they hang around Russia for about a week (figuratively)
  • M: where there is some trouble but they sort it out together and are a happy little family because they just need each other so much asdadaddfff
  • N: where Martin tries to be Maverick (and fails)
  • O: with the otters in heaven
  • P: where Martin tries to be Miss Marple (and fails)
  • Q: with the polar bears on the ground
  • R: where Douglas does something clever (but ruines the day)
  • S: where Douglas does something clever (and saves the day)
  • T: where there isn't enough alcohol
  • U: where there isn't enough alcohol (but too much pineapple juice)
  • V: where Martin is rescued from a dragon by a stranger
  • W: where Martin is rescued from a dragon by his friends
  • X: where they are annoyed because they are stuck together
  • Y: where they are annoyed because they are stuck apart
  • Z: (oh god....)


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I’m just saying, I think we all know who the best Jaeger pilot team would be.image